Astrological Biographies

Aside from the client work I perform as a consulting astrologer I also utilize my writing and public relations skills to help promote individuals seeking new employment or enhancing an existing career/business/service.

Often times as we promote ourselves we are expected to create a short biography whether it’s for our resume, the about page on our blog/website or for our marketing materials used to seek further consideration of services rendered. Typically a person will find it quite challenging to come up with a creative biography that captures their true identity or allows them to stand apart from their competing peers.

Since I like to believe that no two people are alike and our astrological/natal chart reveals our core identity and personality, it is only fitting for me as an astrologer and writer to combine these two talents to produce attention grabbing and heart-warming biographies. I essentially will combine a person’s resume with their birth chart to showcase one’s talents and accomplishments while also expressing their motivations and desire to produce the essence of their work.

As a former recruiter I have reviewed thousands of resume, likewise as an astrologer I have researched hundreds of charts – both revealing one’s abilities and achievements.

Bios can vary from 50 to 2000+ words depending on what your needs may be. Bios can be one sentence such as in an elevator speech or as long as a chapter in a book that highlights your life, personality and successes.

If you are about to embark upon any of these reasons to have/need a biography, consider contacting me:

Need for “about page” on website/blog

For Resume or CV

Marketing materials to include brochures, newsletters

Ideal for branding your personality

Your book or other such publishing such as a guest blog, newsletter, articles

LinkedIn bio

Needed for job hunting especially if you are freelancer

For rates and other questions please contact Linda at LMFuriate@gmail.com.

It is essential to have accurate knowledge of your birth time to obtain a more in-depth biography.


This post today is for all of you born between December 1959 and September 1961. Have you ever felt so lost and confused in your entire life as you do right now? Are you experiencing self-doubt and major uncertainty on the direction of your life and feeling anxious beyond your normal and occasional feelings of inadequacy that most of may feel from time to time? Words to describe this past year or so would be nebulous, extreme confusion, intense restriction, self-pity and limitations. We may find ourselves running off to escape the realities of life all the while knowing we need to be responsible for ourselves and those around us; however we don’t know how to push forward without guidance. Pouring a glass of wine and saying ‘screw it’ feels more comforting than searching the wants ads for a job or figuring out what we plan to do with the rest of our lives. It’s as if this past year God has turned off the ‘I’m here to walk with you’ sign and now it’s totally up to you to find your path in life. There’s no more negotiating with the heavens to offer up that one last favor to get what you think you want out of life. Do you feel like the door to Spirit is closed?

It’s times like these that I am so thankful I am an Astrologer!

Those of us born in the time frame listed above had the planet Neptune transiting at approximately 6-9 degrees of the zodiac sign of Scorpio. (This is pretty much everyone I graduated from high school with.) Neptune is considered a generational planet in that it transits a sign at certain degrees for an extended period of time moving much slower than say the planet Mercury which rotates the Sun approximately every 88 days whereas Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the Sun. Mercury may move through the constellation of Scorpio in as little as 2 ½-3 weeks, while it takes Neptune about 14 or 15 years. Neptune rules the oceans, its dreamy, mystique, full of spirit and delusional as it is associated with fog so we become confused and disoriented. The planet Neptune and its association with the sign of Pisces rules drug and alcohol addictions, dance, glamour and anything illusionary. Its where we tend to deceive ourselves or seek the ideal.

As we age moment by the moment the planets continue on in their transit through the sky. As an astrologer who enjoys doing some prediction – or at least interpreting why one is currently experiencing certain issues I always look to the planet Saturn. Since December 2012 Saturn has been transiting back and forth (retrogration) over these 6-9 degrees of Scorpio making its final pass this month of September. Saturn is the planet of restriction and limitation. He is like the father figure telling us to grow up and be responsible, but not having the warmth and heart to show us how. Saturn in Scorpio expresses an intense desire and determination to transform a part of ourselves, however as he sits on top of our natal Neptune therein lies the intense confusion and feelings of inadequacy. The last time we had such strong feelings for a lack of direction was around 1983-84 when most of us were beginning a new path after graduating college. I ask each of you to re-examine those early years of what you thought you wanted out of life, more than likely that is where you will find your same sense of joy and accomplishment yet with 30 additional years of life experience. The key will be to dig deep to find our real motivators for making the decisions we did 30 years ago to now build upon those mistakes, joys and life lessons to move forward into a life of peace, tranquility and sense of accomplishment.

For those of you born after these dates in the early 1960’s get ready for the same adventures.

Even though you may be experiencing relationship issues, financial woes or a sheer lack of enjoyment for life the real truth of these issues may be found in a deeper more psychological part of self. I am always available for consultation to help determine what area of life may need re-examining.

Offering peace and joy,

Linda Furiate



Kitchens to Keep

Kitchen/Curio Cabinet & Pantry Cleaning

Is your Kitchen disorganized and dirty? Do you find yourself spending too much time looking for what you need?

Are you planning a family event in your home and are embarrassed with the inside of your kitchen cabinets?

Are you tired of having to clean dishes or pots and pans just taken from the cabinet prior to using them as they have collected years of dust and dirt?

Then consider Kitchens to Keep to bring joy, beauty and cleanliness back into your family’s favorite gathering spot – Your Kitchen.

Cleaning Services Provided:
Kitchen Cabinets
Curio/China Cabinets
Additional Services
Kitchen Set up & Organization upon move in/move out
After Construction Dust Cleanup

Kitchens to Keep is beyond your every day cleaning service

Linda Furiate, Owner
Columbia, MD 21044
(443) 794-5087


This article is re-posted from Jill’s List. Kelly has been a dear friend for over 30 years. Her spirit and enthusiasm for life simply amazes me, despite her total loss of vision. Linda Furiate

In this fast-paced, high tech world that we live in, finding a balance of mind and body is a challenge but also a necessity for good health. Yoga is a perfect way to bring these two entities together.

Being a forty-nine year old woman, wife, mother and business owner, I have my share of challenges. In addition, I am blind which requires even more determination to find a balance between health and success.

I am one of those people who found out the amazing benefits of a regular yoga practice the hard way. In 2006, I hurt my back and was in physical therapy for six weeks, and still was not even close to 75% mobile. I have always been very active and maintained a weekly work-out routine, so you can imagine how frustrating this was for me.

In the fall of 2006, I received a call from a friend of mine at our local YMCA informing me of yoga classes starting soon. My first thought was that I couldn’t move very well, so how was I going to do yoga? I had heard that yoga was based on meditation and spiritual connections. Being very close to God and very spiritual myself, I thought I should give it a try, and if I couldn’t do the poses at least I could learn how to cope with my pain through meditation.

As it turns out, I loved yoga and it helped my back as well as my whole body tremendously. Being a blind student was a challenge for me and also for my teacher, but I took the initiative and hired my teacher for private instruction. During my sessions, my yoga instructor would tell me how I was helping her to be a better teacher and she encouraged me to become a teacher myself.

I took her advice and practiced for another year before I applied for RYT 200 certification classes in 2008. I had major challenges in achieving this goal but nothing was going to hold me back. I started adding meditation to my prayer time, and breathing exercises throughout this process. This was an incredible combination of mind and body balance that helped me focus on my goal. I wish I would have had this balance of mind and body when I was a part of corporate America and its pressures for 25 years, but in saying that, I know that I am who I am today because of what I accomplished in the past.

Opening my home studio in September of 2009 was a dream come true for me. Creating the name was easy. Yoga One on One, which was exactly the path I was on. I have had the honor and the pleasure of introducing new students to the wonderful world of yoga and its many pathways to a stronger and more flexible body, and a sounder and more productive mind. I also encourage my students to focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses. I am a hands-on teacher. I use the eyes I have in my ears and in my hands to be the best yogi I can be. There is so much you can learn about your students by listening to them. How they are breathing, how their body is moving and what, if anything, they are saying during the practice. Placing a hand on their spine can tell me a lot about their alignment. I always ask permission before I place my hands on their body.

Sometimes I think that I have an advantage over a traditional teacher. I can’t read a class plan so everything comes out of my head based on the presence of my student that day. I have a sequence planned but it may not be fitting for that session, so I just go with the flow. If you have never taken a yoga class before, I encourage you to try one. I would also recommend that you do your homework and find the appropriate class for you. Yoga classes vary in levels and styles. Find the one that is right for you. If you can afford it, I suggest doing as I did, and arrange a private session, or practice beginning poses and body alignment before your first class.

Never give up on your goals and dreams, there is always a way to achieve them. I would like to share with you the mantra that I wrote in Yoga Teacher Training that my students and I say to close our yoga practice.

“With each breath our heart expands, With each breath our spine extends, With each breath our mind opens, With each breath our body mends.” Namaste!

Kelly Konopik James is a RYT 200, and the owner of Yoga One On One, LLC, a yoga studio in Elkridge, MD specializing in one on one yoga classes. She is also an Usui Reiki Master, who feels strongly about the power of the human touch, and the positive effects it has on the body. She is a very spiritual person with a thirst for learning and commitment to continue to build her practice. Kelly has faced many challenges in her previous careers, but she feels empowered and strengthened from all experiences both good and bad. She feels these experiences will make her a better practitioner as she moves towards the next fifty years of her life. Being a woman, wife, mother and business owner, she feels very blessed to be the person she is today.

By Kelly Konopik James
March 18, 2013
To contact Kelly, e-mail her at yoga.1on1@verizon.net

Baltimore astrologer Linda Furiate has been helping people who have addictions, disability and illness achieve their life goals and dreams.

Her astrological specialty is working with people who have drug and alcohol addictions as well as those who have experienced a major life setback due to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, cervical dystonia or paralysis.

“By looking at their charts, I can help them understand who they are which allows them to make critical life choices and motivates them to achieve their life goals and dreams,” Linda Furiate said.

Linda Furiate has also recently started providing personal forecast readings through It’s In The Stars at http://www.itsinthestarsonline.com.

It’s In The Stars website founder, Elizabeth Ball said, “I am very proud to welcome Linda to our team of astrologers”.

Linda Furiate’s clients, who live around the world, consult with her to help understand what’s going on in their lives.  

Customers can visit the website to book a range of astrologers such as Linda Furiate who is based in Baltimore, as well as others in the United States, Australia, United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

Her clients are often very concerned with what their special destiny is.  

“Many people want to understand their partner better, know good timings for planning important events and for understanding why they feel like they do at the moment,” said Linda Furiate.

According to Elizabeth Ball, you don’t have to live in the same city for an in-person consultation.

“All you need is a laptop or PC and a Skype connection and you can talk with them no matter where you live in the world.”

It’s In The Stars features a select group of expert astrologers who help clients understand their chart, discover the planetary links between them and their partners, and find out how to best navigate times of change.

“You can read each astrologer’s biography and see if what they provide resonates with you,” Elizabeth Ball said.

The astrology consultations also make wonderful, unique birthday gifts for someone special.

“Simply enter in your three preferred dates and times with your preferred astrologer, and he or she will confirm your 60-minute reading with you.”

It’s In The Stars at http://www.itsinthestarsonline.com has been delighting couples, parents and individuals with its high-quality astrology reports about relationships and children since 2005.



Death in the 12th House: Where Neptune Rules

Written by Mitchell Scott Lewis

As an astrologer and public relations professional I was excited to receive a copy of Mitch’s second, in a series of books. Death in the 12th House: Where Neptune Rules was a much anticipated read. Like his first book Murder in the 11th House, it was one that I didn’t want to put down as each brief chapter led to another twist and turn that delighted my sense of intrigue.

In Death in the 12th House, Mitch takes us on a journey inside the world of rock ‘n’ roll music when the creative musical genius and 58-year old rocker, Freddie Finger is found dead. Freddie’s daughter and actress Vivian Younger, hires David Lowell, astrologer and detective, to help solve the mystery as to who killed her father, whom she dearly loved.

Throughout the read, Detective Lowell is sifting through the astrological charts of anyone and everyone who may have had something to do with Freddie’s death as he tries to find motive. Mitch provides the astrological data (date, place and time of birth) of numerous characters while offering up interpretation and prediction. As an astrologer myself, I must say his delineations were spot on.

The storyline itself moves along brilliantly as the author pieces together an ever-twisting and edge of your seat, exciting and rather comical plot that reveals many hidden truths about Freddie, his musical career and his tumultuous love life, while also educating his reader as to why Freddie may have attracted a long list of suitors who wished him death – many of whom having the potential of immense financial gain in his demise.

I highly recommend Mitch’s book to anyone who loves a great murder mystery written with that Gemini quality wit and to any Astrologer who wants deeper insight into the 12th house and planetary aspects that may help or hinder a person’s integrity to commit murder.  In this 2nd book, I really appreciated how Mitch began to tear down the emotional walls that Detective Lowell built regarding his own personal life. By doing so it makes this reader more fascinated and connected to the lead character. I love the way Death in the 12th House ended; I am so looking forward to Detective Lowell’s next murder case to solve.


BDTB2 – Interview with Marcha Fox and Linda Furiate

Linda Furiate: It’s somewhat unusual for an astrologer to also have a physics degree. How do you explain reconciling two disciplines that are usually diametrically opposed?

Marcha Fox: It’s ironic that the people who believe in 11 dimensions and multiverses (the fancy name for more than one universe) are the first ones to put down astrology. Especially since the first astronomers – Kepler, Galileo and Copernicus, were astrologers seeking more accurate data.

Linda: Your talk for BDTB2 is entitled “Defending Our Universe.” Tell us more about this.

Marcha: As astrologers and for those who believe in astrology, sooner or later we’ll encounter someone who thinks we’re being duped by something that is no more than myth and superstition. I aim to provide various facts to respond to such statements which may make people stop and think and possibly do some serious investigation for themselves. Most unbelievers do so because that is what they’ve been told yet anyone who investigates astrology personally will discover its validity otherwise.

Linda: Is that how you came to be a “believer?”

Marcha: Yes. As a physics student I was initially brainwashed that there couldn’t be anything to astrology. I was writing a novel back in the 1980’s where the main character was a physicist and I wanted to make his ex-wife as annoying as possible so had her interested in astrology. In order to develop her character I had to learn something about astrology and in the process of my research I became converted myself.

Linda: Who are the groups most likely to oppose astrology?

Marcha: They seem usually to fall into one of three groups: General skeptics, scientists, and those who have been told by religious leaders that it is “of the devil.”

Linda: Do you deal with each group in the same way?

Marcha: No. And the first thing to consider with any of them is whether you’re trying to teach a pig to sing, which will frustrate you and annoy the pig. Skeptics in particular have their own beliefs set in stone and are usually a waste of time trying to convince. Your own personal testimony will mean nothing and it’s unlikely they’ll be willing to investigate astrology personally. From experience, dealing with skeptics is typically a waste of time.

Linda: What about the others?

Marcha: With scientists you can sometimes get to first base by appealing to them to use the scientific method of investigation, even though the data will be empirical. You can’t prove astrology with mathematical formulae but you can make some headway with a preponderance of data. My first response from those with religious objections is how could God’s creations give a message from the devil? Most religions don’t claim astrology doesn’t work. Their main concern that astrologer’s will provide inaccurate information. Many of my clients are practicing Christians showing that there must be something lacking in these imposed objections.

Linda: Do you think astrology will ever be proven scientifically?

Marcha: Astrology ties more easily into disciplines other than the hard sciences of chemistry and physics. It’s not likely to ever fit into simple mathematical formula such as E = mc2. However, it may be able to find credibility through research in parapsychology. A trained astrologer can usually tell from someone’s natal chart if they, of example, have psychic ability. This could help select test subjects who would have a higher probability of displaying these abilities in a given trial or experiment. There are enough practicing psychologists using astrology today that clearly it’s a useful tool.

Linda: What do you think it will take for astrology to be accepted into the mainstream?

Marcha: I think initial acceptance will come as psychologists continue to use it in their practice. From there it’s not much of a leap to be accepted by parapsychology researchers investigating consciousness and psi phenomena if they are able see a relationship between these certain abilities and the subjects’ natal charts. Once accepted in this realm, then the theory of biocentrism, which states that consciousness is the key element to existence, acceptance may be more forthcoming. Then, since biocentrism is compatible with quantum physics regarding the affect of an observer, that would get you some credibility with physicists. They may not ever be able to identify astrology’s physical mechanism to their complete satisfaction but, after all, the latest in string theory proposes 11 dimensions. Why can’t astrology simply exist in one of them?

Log onto http://www.astrologyconference.org to learn more about Marcha’s lecture “Defending our Universe” and to register.